Pratiquant étranger 2024

You can now take your FFP 2024 « foreigner » licence
(you must already have the licence from your origin country)

Parisjump proposes to foreigners to make your French FFP license 2024 to save time at the reception the day of your arrival.

The price of the foreign license 2024 : 13€.

The FFP license is valid from January 1st to December 31st, it must be renewed every year.

The license is mandatory to be able to jump: it is your insurance…

You must fill in the 2 pages of document « practiquant registration form 2024 » (right click to « save image as » on 2 pictures) and send it back with a copy of your valid foreign license.

Please send us these 2 elements in a single email.



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Age minimum 15ans


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